Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

A Fire Extinguisher is a gadget used to stifle or control little flames, regularly in crisis situations.It comprises of a hand-held barrel shaped weight vessel containing an operator which can be released to quench a fire.

ABC Type

In this Fire Extinguisher, ammonium phosphate dry concoction powder is put away under certain weight. At the point when the lever is squeezed, it discharges this powder with constrain. This can smother all classes of flame i.e. A,B,C and electrical fire.

Co2 Type

CO2 is a spotless specialist gas, which uproots Oxygen, subsequently it can cut off Oxygen supply in a territory under flame and is reasonable for B and C Classes of flame.

Clean Agent Type

This sort of Fire Extinguisher contain a perfect specialist gas which is spotless, electrically nonconductive, condition cordial, to a great degree low in poisonous quality, and astoundingly viable.

DCP Type

The DCP Type Fire Extinguisher is recommened for Oil & Gas Industries and is effective on B and C classes of fire.

Mechanical Foam Type

Mechanical Foam Type of Fire Extinguishers contains an answer known as AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam), utilized on An and B fires and for vapor concealment.