High Sensitive Smoke Detection System

High Sensitive Smoke Detection System

HSSD is early cautioning fire location framework including the most recent in Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology. This innovation utilizes a progressed, astute smoke identifier that ly draws air into its sensor through a pipe arrange. HSSD utilizes infra-red laser optical smoke location with cutting edge calculations to identify an extensive variety of flames while keeping up improved resistance to aggravation particulates and empowering to convey exceptionally precise and tactful early cautioning fire discovery for a wide assortment of situations/applications.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

In an Addressable Fire Alarm System, all the Smoke Detectors and different Devices are given an individual address (name) which are recognized by the Fire Alarm Panel. This aides in perceiving the correct area of start of flame/smoke even in a multi-storied building henceforth, decreasing the time required to find the fire/smoke.

Higher degree of programming flexibility Self configurable via panel keyboard Can connect up to 64-312 addressable devices per loop. Single Point Detection. Day/night function.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

The Conventional Fire Alarm System can be partitioned into different zones, each having up to 20 Smoke Detectors. At the season of flame/smoke, the Fire Alarm Control Panel recognizes the influenced zone.

Has small number of circuits connected to the device Each circuit connected to the alarm covers a zone LED lights indicate the activated zone in a building Can detect the affected zone not the particular device Can connect up to 20 devices in a zone