Gaseous Fire Suppression System

Gaseous Fire Suppression System

In Gaseous Fire Suppression System the dormant gases and synthetic operators are utilized to quench a fire.It is otherwise called Clean Agent Fire Suppression. The framework regularly comprises of the specialist, operator stockpiling holders, specialist discharge valves, fire indicators, fire discovery framework (wiring control board, activation flagging), specialist conveyance funneling and operator scattering spouts.


NOVEC is a fire concealment specialist and it is fluid at room temperature however gasifies instantly in the wake of being released in an aggregate flooding framework

FM 200

FM 200 is a fire concealment specialist and leaves no buildup on important gear after release.


Argonite is a dormant gas, arranged by consolidating Argon and Nitrogen in particular extents and is utilized as a part of vaporous fire concealment frameworks.


CO2 is utilized as a part of gas based fire concealment framework, as a Clean Agent Gas.